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"Essex Physical Therapy is top notch. I've been using there service for over 10 years for various injuries. Dr. Provenzano and his team are super friendly and professional. When life gives you a bump in the road these are the people you want to smooth things over. "
Sep 26, 2023
"It was a pleasant visit. All the staff were extremely friendly. I went to this location specifically because they after Graston technique. I highly recommend this to anyone trying to get over a previous injury, or even a fresh injury."
Apr 08, 2023
"I recently visited Dr. Mike for some back pain I was experiencing, and I can't say enough good things about my experience. From the moment I walked into the office, I was greeted warmly by the staff and made to feel comfortable. Dr. Mike was incredibly knowledgeable and took the time to listen to my concerns and explain the treatment plan in detail. Throughout the session, I felt completely at ease and confident in my chiropractor's ability to help me. After just a few visits, I noticed a significant improvement in my back pain, and I credit that to the personalized care I received from my from Dr. Mike. I also appreciated the fact that my chiropractor provided me with exercises and stretches to do at home to help maintain my progress. Overall, I highly recommend Dr. Mike to anyone seeking effective, compassionate chiropractic care. Thank you for helping me feel better and get back to my daily routine!"
Mar 09, 2023
"My son and I had been looking for a while to find someone who could take him right away and treat him immediately for the pain that he had frequently been having. I got an appointment right away for him at Essex physical therapy. Dr. Mike and all of the P/T’s there made him feel so comfortable and welcoming. The staff goes above and beyond and are truly amazing people. The office is so clean and the location is great. I highly recommend Essex physical therapy for so many reasons but the most important one is they take the time to know you and genuinely care for your well being. "
Jan 26, 2023
"I have been here for PT and chiropractic care. I’m very impressed with the staff and treatment practices. I recently hurt my back and Dr Mike spent a lot of time with me doing stretches and showing me exercises that I can perform in order to build up strength in my back to avoid future injury. I highly recommend this practice - so much so that I have sent my 2 teenaged daughters here for both PT and chiropractic care. "
Jan 26, 2022
"Amazing team and staff!!! They listen and get to know their patients! Very knowledgeable and friendly."
Dec 26, 2020
"Mike and his team are fantastic. They are extremely knowledgeable and they took the time to explain the program and why they are implementing a treatment, exercise or stretch. Every ounce of energy was focused towards making me stronger, more flexible and reducing the back and hip pain. I thought I knew most of the exercises and stretches to focus on the lower back, but Essex introduced me to an array of new techniques which really helped. I am now on my own maintenance program using all of what I learned at Essex. Special thanks to Mike, Amanda and Sami. I highly recommend Essex. "
Nov 15, 2020
"Dr. Mike is extremely knowledgeable and always goes above and beyond for every patient. His staff is exceptional and the facility is always meticulously clean and organized. Beautiful office setting. Highly recommend. "
Jul 07, 2020

Highly skilled and compassionate staff. I was challenged physically while surrounded by caring clinicians.

Patricia R.

Amazing! Within the first four visits 90% of my pain is gone and I have been able to get back to running.

Gretchen T.

Mike & his team are the best!!! I don't know where I would be without there on the spot as needed services!!! Love them all! Been a patient of the team for years!!!

Laura M.

Awesome group...! Great results in feeling better quickly!

Peter G.

Fabulous Staff; Caring, Professional and Punctual. The Positive vibe, and a consistant informative plan, makes when you're in pain, a whole lot easier to recover from. I've only been there less than 2 months, but Thanks Mike, and everyone!

Allyson H.

I have worked with the doctor and staff here on a shoulder injury that has been very difficult to manage and recover from. Traditional treatments are not available to me as I am allergic to over the counter anti inflammatory medicine. Rest, exercise and keeping the inflammation down is key to recovery. So my journey has been hard! They have worked so hard to get me back to living and gaining back my strength that my rotator cuff injury damaged. I am 95% of the way back! They have helped me so much and continue to work with me so I can get all the way back and not be in pain! I have never worked with folks that truly tailor their methods to meet a client's needs in such a way that is so one of a kind. Each person has their own needs, and they will work with you on how to make you better!

Elizabeth B.

Been meaning to do this for a while now but ive been so busy using my leg haha. Essex PT IS THE BEST! I couldn't have been more happy with my experience here. Mike and his team are all positive, helpful, amazing workers in this field! I mostly worked with WILLIS ( Will) who I can't speak highly enough of. He has the BEST attitude of anyone I had encountered throughout my entire ordeal- I shattered my ankle. It's hard to make someone excited about ankle exercises but WILLIS definitely got me there lol. I never thought I would be this mobile this quickly and am so grateful to everyone at Essex who helped me. I work in catering and am on my feet for 12-14 hours without any real issues- something I thought would take a year or more to get too. It looks like I don't need to come back anytime soon so I hope everyone at Essex is doing well! THANK YOU 😀

Regan E.

Mike and his team have helped me on numerous occasions. The staff is wonderful and they create a warm and welcoming environment for individuals to regain their health and mobility.

Lillian A.